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Pine Bungalows story

Since 1936, Pine Bungalows has been owned and cared for by families with a common dream to share the raw, natural beauty of the Canadian Rocky mountains with people from all over the world.

1936 - 1956

The beginning

Colonel Thomas Jeffries Avarne Walkeden and his wife Naiomi successfully bid on a tender to establish a bungalow camp at Cottonwood Creek in October, 1936. The Colonel (by all accounts a maverick) built 50 cabins on the property and ran it for 21 years. Those were the truly rustic days of outhouses and cleaning supplies carried in red wagons.

Pine Bungalows in 1936
Family photo - Pine Bungalows in 1956

1957 - TODAY

Through the years

The firm Stevenson & Tredway briefly owned Pine Bungalows before the Defoort family purchased it in 1964 and ran it for the next decade. In 1974, Victor and Connie Wasuita purchased the property and ran it with their son Michal until spring 2019. In 2008, the family remodelled the existing cabins and made Pine Bungalows into what you see today.

Away from, but close to it all

Our 11 acres are just 2 km from Jasper townsite along the Athabasca River. We're the perfect jumping off point for outdoor adventure (more below) and Jasper's staggering natural wonders.



Jasper's awesome!
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With staggering peaks, crystal-clear lakes, epic canyons and ancient glaciers, Jasper is an outdoor wonderland and playground. Here are a few activities we recommend. Ask us about our favourite hikes!