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Pine Bungalows Wins Green Key Environment Award of Excellence

OTTAWA, ON, FEBRUARY 22, 2017 — Green Key Global, a leading, inter­na­tional, GSTC Recog­nized, envir­on­mental lodging cer­ti­fic­ation body, is pleased to announce Pine Bun­galows as the 2016 Green Key Envir­onment Award of Excel­lence Winner.

Hotel Association of Canada, Hall of Fame

The Green Key Envir­onment Award of Excel­lence recog­nizes lodging prop­erties that have developed a culture towards integ­rating envir­on­mental man­agement prac­tices that improve everyday oper­a­tions and the bottom line, while main­taining quality service and meeting guest expect­a­tions.

Nestled in the heart of Jasper National Park for the past 80 years Pine Bun­galows is sur­rounded by a Spruce, Pine & Douglas Fir forest, located on the banks of the World Her­itage Ath­abasca River where wildlife abounds. Pine Bun­galows is recog­nized as one the Parks’ leaders in envir­on­mental stew­ardship and con­tinually explores oppor­tun­ities to trim its ‘waste’ line without reducing guests’ comfort and expect­a­tions. Respons­ib­ility to the envir­onment, the com­munity and economy in which the company operates is at the very heart of the business.

We are thrilled to award Pine Bun­galows with the 2016 Green Key Envir­onment Award of Excel­lence,” said Susie Grynol, Man­aging Dir­ector, Green Key Global. “Pine Bun­galows raises the bar in pro­moting and prac­ticing envir­on­mental stew­ardship to staff and guests while imple­menting ini­ti­atives that con­tribute to the long-term sus­tain­ab­ility of the property and its sur­roundings.”

The award was presented to Michal Wasuita, Owner and Operator, at the Hotel

Asso­ci­ation of Canada’s Annual Con­ference on Feb­ruary 16, 2017.

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Green Key Global is a leading, inter­na­tional, GSTC Recog­nized, envir­on­mental cer­ti­fic­ation body whose suite of industry standard pro­grams and resources has been designed spe­cifically for the lodging and meetings indus­tries. Our affordable pro­grams, including the Green Key Eco-Rating and the Green Key Meetings Pro­grams, help members leverage organ­iz­a­tional CSR activ­ities to support their property’s sus­tainable ini­ti­atives, improve overall fiscal per­formance and com­munity rela­tions.

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