Pine Bun­galows, winner of the 2009 Travel Alberta ALTO Award for sus­tainable tourism, was recently fea­tured in Canada Eco House Magazine.



Pine Bungalows in Eco House

Helping green Jasper National Park

Michal Wasuita is the owner and operator of Pine Bun­galows, a summer season accom­mod­ation and a fixture of Jasper National Park for seventy years.

The cabins needed updating and the infra­structure was slowly failing. “My sense of place is very strong. If we can’t look after a national park, we’re doomed.”

He read, he researched, he found EcoAMMO Sus­tainable Con­sulting Inc. in Edmonton to help secure LEED cer­tific­ation and to offer invaluable advice.
Eight cabins were com­pleted in 2012 and now twelve more are being rep­licated; also with LEED cer­tific­ation as Michal’s goal.